Welcome to the Central Region Intertie System, a group of linked UHF/VHF repeaters in Western Missouri and Eastern Kansas. The system uses a combination of commercial, licensed microwave, IRLP Reflector 9330 and RF to link sites together.

Check out the coverage maps by clicking here or on “Coverage” above.

IRLP Reflector 9330 is used to link several of the repeaters. The channel assignments are as follows.

Channel 0: Central Region Intertie System
Channel 1: Weather Spotter Traffic
Channel 2: NWS Reserved
Channel 3: Missouri Skywarn
Channel 4: SPC Norman, OK
Channel 5: K-Link System
Channel 6: General QSO
Channel 7: Regional IRLP SkyWarn Net
Channel 8: Oklahoma / Arkansas SkyWarn
Channel 9: VoIP WX Net - Listen Only

The system is not sponsored by any one club, but by the group of amateurs that use the system. If you have a UHF repeater you would like to join the system, please e-mail
kb0nhx@nixahams.net, any other questions can be e-mailed to Help and it will be routed to the appropriate person.

Last Updated: Tuesday, June 27, 2017 at 14:00